Welcome to my blog and thanks for checking it out.


I’m a first 5 GP with a passion for international primary care. I am the current WONCA Vasco da Gama liaison Officer and former Chair of the RCGP Junior International Committee (JIC)since May 2017 which means that it my spare time, when I’m not working as a GP, I get to chew your ear off about the challenges of global health and international primary care.

I graduated from Imperial College in 2007 and managed to see the light after a brief stint in surgery, when I realised that being a generalist had more to offer in the international setting. I chose general practice for the skills that it would give me – to be a generalist, to be able to advocate for my patients and have a greater impact through public health.

Please say hi to me if you see me out and about at any of the conferences or events. I love a good chat but be careful as I’m known to rope any enthusiastic and dynamic young GPs into collaborating and doing global health work!

Many thanks to the JIC team and also to Sinan, Robin and Luisa (the previous Chairs of the JIC) who have made it what it is today so  that I get to reap the benefits!

Thoughts are my own and I write this in my spare time outside my clinical and JIC work so apologies if it’s occasionally out-of-date!

Please feel free to comment or contact me on what you think should be included so that this page stays relevant!